Custom Signs FAQ

Can I hang the sign up outside?

Our custom signs are not made to endure the outdoors. But you can easily spray a few coats of clear polyurethane to protect it. Or we can do it for you for an additional $10.


Can you make the sign double sided?

No, unfortunately double sided signs is not something we offer.


What is the final price of my custom sign?

The price shown when selecting the size is your final price, not including shipping. If you choose to have multiple text colors it adds $10 for every color. If you decide to go with a custom size, the price will be adjusted for that size. 


What is the shipping cost?

The cost for shipping depends on the size of your sign, where you're shipping to and the method of shipping you select at checkout. We ship from Boston, so the farther away you're shipping to, the higher it is.


How long does it take to be made? 

Once approved and paid for, your sign will ship in approximately two weeks.


 Are these signs carved/engraved/burned?

No the design on our signs are not carved, engraved, or burned. They are painted on solid wood with a water based paint. 


 How does the sign hang?

Our custom signs have a slot on the center of the back for hanging. We can also include two brass sawtooth fasteners upon request.


Can you put my photo on the sign?

Our custom signs are hand painted so we can not put a photograph onto the sign. We can do graphics/logos/etc.


Can you make the sign in the shape of ______ ?

No, unfortunately we are only able to make signs in rectangles or squares. 


Can you put a frame around the sign?

No, our custom signs only come with a flat edge or beveled edge.


What do the text style options look like?


We have thousands of fonts to choose from for your design. So our options (cursive, bold, basic, fun & funky) just let us know the general style you'd like and we'll show you some options that fit that. If you're open to anything select "Designer's Choice". If you have a specific font in mind mention it in the "Additional Notes" box and we'll do our best to accommodate that. Also you can attach an image reference for a particular font or style you'd like.



What/How is the sign made from?

Our custom signs are made from solid pine wood. When making the signs we do not use highly processed wood; because of this, you can expect knots and minor imperfections that make each piece unique. Please allow for slight imperfections as wood is imperfect by nature, but only adds to the character of the sign. They are intended to have a rustic, old, look and feel. The design is painted on with quality water based paint. The edges are sanded and a stain is applied overall to give a warm rustic look. Made proudly in the USA.


Can I return my custom sign?

Custom signs can only be returned/refunded/replaced if there is shipping damage to the sign or it was made incorrectly.


Do you ship outside North America?

Unfortunately we can only ship to the USA and Canada.


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