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"We love our new Roll Top desk. It fits perfectly as you can see in our new home. The quality and construction is great and we are busy filling all the little drawers now. 

Thank you Jane for your customer service and communication through ordering, shipping and tracking our desk. We highly recommend Country Marketplace to purchase a roll top desk."

-Linda & Johnny, Montana
"The new desk is fabulous! It fits in the room perfectly. There is an indentation in the wall of my living room and this desk fits in there as if the cutout was meant for it! I have been using this desk every day since it arrived (I'm busy doing tax returns for family and friends.) My son had no trouble putting it together. Thank you for all your help! I am a happy customer!"
 - Kathleen A.

"This solid Oak desk stands up to its description! It is absolutely one of the best pieces of furniture I have ever bought! I will definitely buy here again. Thank you for making such a quality, well built product!"

- Kimberly


"I wanted to thank you for your help with my roll top desk order. It came as you said it would and we are very pleased with the purchase. You guys were attentive, polite, patient and professional. Very refreshing!"

- Gregory B.


"I purchased this desk for my Mother. She received the desk yesterday. The driver was very friendly and polite. She put it together by herself and it looks beautiful. Thank you!"

- Joe


"Mom and I waited for the 54” Executive Roll-Top Desk delivery with much apprehension because it went against our better judgment to purchase an expensive item online without seeing it in person. Jane went above and beyond, taking photos of the desk in the store and e-mailing them.

It was due to Jane’s listening, sound advice, and product knowledge that we took the plunge. And boy, are we glad we did! Photos DO NOT capture the quality and beauty of the craftsmanship and wood that REALLY IS a “rich dark cherry”. The desk fits just right in a walk-through garden-window space, a size so hard to find, yet provides ample storage and those nooks and crannies antique roll tops are known for, exactly the “classic 19th century styling” as described

Thank you, Jane and Country Marketplace, for our desk that screams HEIRLOOM!!"

- Katherine & Josephine


 "I first saw this roll top desk model almost 30 years ago and ever since then, I have always held it in my mind as an: "I-gotta-have-it" item. I absolutely can't BELIEVE I have waited this long to 'pull the trigger' and get it!!! I couldn't be happier!! With all of the numerous drawers and storage capacity of this desk, I'm finally able to organize all of the items and files that I never had enough room for before. Now I have everything in its place. 
The sales people at Country Marketplace couldn't have been more helpful and friendly, and the fellow who delivered and set up my new desk was careful with the installation and totally professional. Thank you Jane and staff!! I am "5-star" happy."

- Eric Shaw

 "I recently received my roll top desk and I was very happy with the solid construction (no particle board).It's a handsome piece of furniture and well thought out in it's design with innovative ways to compartmentalize items in the desk and ample storage space for a 54" piece. I would highly recommend this desk."

- Brian H.


"This desk is absolutely gorgeous. It's solid wood, the color is unbelievably beautiful and true to the color it shows in the picture of the desk. I can't say enough good things about this piece of furniture. Something I will pass down to future generations in our family. I love, love, love it. Also the customer service is the best ever."

- Charlene

 "After a year of research, my antique loving 11 year old daughter finally found this roll top desk for her room. She absolutely loves it. It is a beautiful and well made desk especially for the price. Working with Jane and Dan could not have been better. Great customer service. I will gladly do business with them again."

- Diane


"I have been looking for a roll top desk for years. The ones I have found have been to small, to flimsy and/or to expensive. This desk is very well made, large, and priced below what I would have expected to pay for the level of quality. I have seen better but at a cost of $5000 or more. The people at Country Marketplace were very helpful, friendly and rightfully proud of their product. I wouldn't hesitate doing business with them in the future."

- Paul


- S & D


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