CUSTOM You Are The... 9x18

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CUSTOM You Are  The... 9x18

9"W x 18"H Charcoal board with Putty and Red text

YOU ARE THE............
ketchup to my steak
Smile to my face
Mountain to my dew
Milk to my Oreos
Shrimp to my Alfred
Hero to my story
Us of my dreams
Spark in my fire
Paddle to my kayak
Kiss on my lips
Sweet to my tart
Cheese to my hashbrowns
Bike on my trail
Vodka in my lemonade
Motor in my boat
Chocolate syrup on my icecream & the cherry on top
French to my dressing
Cream in my Cadbury egg
Swing to my homerun - GO CUBS!
Fish on my hook
"Fighter" in my song


Proudly Made in America