CUSTOM Gabriella's Song 9x18

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CUSTOM Gabriella's Song 9x18 Wood Sign

9x18 Sea blue board with white text

Gabriella's Song

It is now that this life is mine
I've had a few moments on this earth
And my longing has brought me here
What I missed and what I had

It's still the way I have chosen
My confidence far beyond words
As it's been shown a little bit
From the sky I haven't reached

I want to feel like I'm alive
All the time I have
I'm going to live how I want
I want to feel like I'm alive
Knowing what I have left

I haven't forgotten who I was
I just let it sleep
Maybe I had no choice
Just a desire to remain

I want to life happily
Because I'm myself
Able to be strong and free
See how the night goes to day

I'm here
And my life is only mine
And the heavens I believed were there
I should find it there somewhere